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Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera Review

Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera is easy to use and relatively easy to learn. If you will allow the camera to do its magic and use only automatic features, the images will come out very nice. Of course, the manual mode is where fun begins.

Big letter “M” in the beginning of mode selection dial helps find the manual mode. Side of the lens that camera kit comes with also has a switch to change the lens into the manual mode. Shutter speed control is relatively easy to find as curved arrows make you look for the wheel just behind the shutter button, which will adjust it. ISO level has its own dedicated button, so not a big challenge there. Aperture control is the only one that is a little tricky. AV button has to be held down as the wheel behind the shutter button is adjusted to change the aperture.

If all else fails, the camera comes with a thick instruction manual. And, of course YouTube is helpful as usual.

Battery charged in two hours and seemed to last over two days of use with plenty of charge left. Transferring images was easy as well. Plug it into USB port and Windows 10 recognizes the camera without downloading anything.  A red light in the corner of the camera blinks when file transfer is taking place.

In summary, initial impression is positive. Canon did a good job on Rebel T6.

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