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Advice for Getting Kids to Help With Chores

 There is a never ending story with house work. I have a system with my kids to minimize all the work for me, it is actually healthy to give them responsibilities. This way, they will know how to take care of themselves later on in life. I started when they were around 5 years old. I gave them one chore per week. As they grow, I increase the list. Fridays are the cut out date. If they do not accomplish the chore during the week they have to do it on their free time which is weekends. They hate that, so they always try to do it before. I only reward them if they go out of their way to do extra chores (for example, shredding papers, yard work, dusting living room, or helping each other). This way we have more free time to enjoy together.

Now if they wait for the next week all their privileges are taken away. This means no TV, no video games, no friends over, no phones, and no internet. With these rules I am certain they do their chores.:)

Some tips:

*Charts and stickers- We check the chart every Friday, if it is full they get special play time with me (anything they want to play with me) and a special treat.

*Tell them what dessert or treat you are planning for the weekend.

*Type the list of their chores so they can cross it after they accomplished their chore.