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Halloween Eve

My mother kissed me goodnight and started to leave my room.

“Mom,” I said, “It’s Halloween Eve and the monsters are going to get me!”

“Oh sweetie, there are no such things as monsters. Here I’ll leave on the lamp,” My mother answered leaving my room.

After an hour of good sleep I awoke to a loud noise from coming under my bed at two A.M.

“Hello?” I asked.

Instead of a reply I received a low growl. I looked at the floor seeing all of my wooden blocks with letters on them scattered. Suddenly a large hand reached out with enormous claws moving the wooden blocks around to spell my name. Sky.

“Sky,” the monster said in a screechy voice.

I didn’t move, scream, or cry as the monster dragged its hand back under the bed. I simply thought, “Oh mother I wish you would believe me.” Then I just watched as it slowly dragged it’s self from under the bed, climbing its way on to my bed.

By: Mia A.