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The 9th Wave

The 9th Wave

In 1850 a Russian/Armenian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky painted his best known painting, The Ninth Wave. The title of the painting refers to an old sailing expression of a wave of unbelievable size that arrives after a succession of many larger waves. This painting is now located in State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. The medium of the painting is an Oil-on-canvas. The dimensions of The Ninth Wave are 221 cm X 332 cm (87 in X 131 in). 

I don’t particularly pay ANY attention to art, but in my opinion I personally like The Ninth Wave’s colors and the vibe or feeling you get when you look at the sun. It’s kind of like a serene or calm vibe but at the same time it’s wild and untamed. If I were to choose to have this painting or not I think it’d be cool to have it  hanging in my room or just somewhere in my house in general, which I do. 

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Down The Steps

Ashley was in her closet with the secret door that had appeared at the back of her closet. She heard things falling and moving within the door. When Ashley reached and touched the door knob all the sounds stopped. Ashley opened the door up slowly and looked inside. Stairs descended down towards a large hallway. She began walking and the only light lighting the the stairs constantly kept flickering on and off. Ashley soon entered the hallway which led into a basement filled with non-human looking relics.

“Cool,” Ashley said quietly pulling out her phone and started taking pictures.

When Ashley looked at the pictures there was a creature in them with long claws, pointy fangs, and no face. It was holding a purple orb relic in the picture. A clang scared Ashley and her smile quickly faded as the purple orb relic that the creature was holding in the picture had fallen on the ground. She took another picture and sure enough the creature was in it a little further away. She moved towards where it was and took another picture, but this time it wasn’t in the picture! Ashley turned around to leave and in front off her was the creature, it’s mouth dripping with blood! She screamed and dashed to the stairs grabbing a large pole laying on the ground. The monster ran after her mighty speed so she hurled the pole at the monster making a break for it! Ashley reached the top off the steps, but the door was gone! She slowly turned back towards the monster and saw its limbs had twisted in ways it shouldn’t be. Suddenly it twitched and zoomed at Ashley lunging at her! Then everything went black.

“Ashley come down for breakfast!” Andres called walking into his sister’s room.

He went into her closet, half expecting her to be in it trying to scare him, but she wasn’t. He heard strange noises coming from a door at the back of her closet and Andres moved towards it. When he touched the door knob the noises stopped.


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Halloween Eve Part 2

Zoey kept on begging her mother to protect her fro the monsters under the bed. Lily just rolled her eyes thinking, “child’s play.”

“Please mommy! The monster is going to eat me!” Zoey cried.

“Settle down you baby, you’re just cranky cause it’s past your bed time,” Lily laughed.

“I hate sharing a bunk bed with my sister!” Zoey thought not daring to say it out loud.

Their mother left and it had been about an hour or two.

“Stop moving you baby!” Lily shouted as Zoey kept on moving around in her bed.

Five more minutes passed.

“Lily, I can’t wait till Halloween tomorrow,” Zoey said peaking her head down to her sister.

“Go back to bed! I thought you were scared!” Lily said yelling.

But when she looked up it wasn’t her sister at all.

“Happy Halloween!” The monster with no face and goo spilling out down said.

Lily screamed as she was pulled under the bed. Nothing stirred, but as the clock struck two A.M. a large hand with enormous claws came from under the bed

By: Mia A.

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Halloween Eve

My mother kissed me goodnight and started to leave my room.

“Mom,” I said, “It’s Halloween Eve and the monsters are going to get me!”

“Oh sweetie, there are no such things as monsters. Here I’ll leave on the lamp,” My mother answered leaving my room.

After an hour of good sleep I awoke to a loud noise from coming under my bed at two A.M.

“Hello?” I asked.

Instead of a reply I received a low growl. I looked at the floor seeing all of my wooden blocks with letters on them scattered. Suddenly a large hand reached out with enormous claws moving the wooden blocks around to spell my name. Sky.

“Sky,” the monster said in a screechy voice.

I didn’t move, scream, or cry as the monster dragged its hand back under the bed. I simply thought, “Oh mother I wish you would believe me.” Then I just watched as it slowly dragged it’s self from under the bed, climbing its way on to my bed.

By: Mia A.