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The 9th Wave

The 9th Wave

In 1850 a Russian/Armenian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky painted his best known painting, The Ninth Wave. The title of the painting refers to an old sailing expression of a wave of unbelievable size that arrives after a succession of many larger waves. This painting is now located in State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. The medium of the painting is an Oil-on-canvas. The dimensions of The Ninth Wave are 221 cm X 332 cm (87 in X 131 in). 

I don’t particularly pay ANY attention to art, but in my opinion I personally like The Ninth Wave’s colors and the vibe or feeling you get when you look at the sun. It’s kind of like a serene or calm vibe but at the same time it’s wild and untamed. If I were to choose to have this painting or not I think it’d be cool to have it  hanging in my room or just somewhere in my house in general, which I do. 

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