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Unity 2018.2 Review

Unity 2018.2 is a game development environment that is a major development  platform in this field. There is a free version that is available for small aspiring game developers.

Installation is fairly straight forward, but like any other big package, takes a while.

An option to do tutorial right at the first start is a wonderful idea and I went ahead and clicked through the first two tutorials.

In all fairness, I so far, only spend an hour on this platform and will probably give it another chance. The points that are a bit confusing are the following.

The tutorial explains that GameObject is the primary point of interaction with this software. This is very understandable as Object Oriented Programming is ubiquitous everywhere. The tutorial also explains that GameObjects have Components. Ok, naming this whole set “Features” or “Attributes” may be a bit more clear, but it seems that each of the components has those as well, so we are at three layers of complexity here. Is each component an object within an object? Well, does not matter.

The really confusing part is “Assets.” Why are those separate? Why another layer of complexity? Unity Asset Store has some free models to download. Well, so far two different downloads did not work. Something happens, but way too quick. One of those deals, where you keep wondering if there was “Exception” type “please do not crash” code in there somewhere. Going back to the store and trying to download again results in “All assets from this package are already in your project.” Manually browsed to the Assets folder in the project, nothing there, except for the generic SampleScene stuff. Manual web pages did not help so far, as they seem to refer to some different 18.2 version from what got downloaded.

By the way, placing a project straight into Documents folder, at least on Windows 10, is not exactly an organized way of doing it. Having a separate working Unity folder would have been better.

So, overall, Unity seems to be functioning and probably worth a second look after some more tutorial viewing/reading. But, it is a good idea to check out the competitors before proceeding.

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