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Down The Steps

Ashley was in her closet with the secret door that had appeared at the back of her closet. She heard things falling and moving within the door. When Ashley reached and touched the door knob all the sounds stopped. Ashley opened the door up slowly and looked inside. Stairs descended down towards a large hallway. She began walking and the only light lighting the the stairs constantly kept flickering on and off. Ashley soon entered the hallway which led into a basement filled with non-human looking relics.

“Cool,” Ashley said quietly pulling out her phone and started taking pictures.

When Ashley looked at the pictures there was a creature in them with long claws, pointy fangs, and no face. It was holding a purple orb relic in the picture. A clang scared Ashley and her smile quickly faded as the purple orb relic that the creature was holding in the picture had fallen on the ground. She took another picture and sure enough the creature was in it a little further away. She moved towards where it was and took another picture, but this time it wasn’t in the picture! Ashley turned around to leave and in front off her was the creature, it’s mouth dripping with blood! She screamed and dashed to the stairs grabbing a large pole laying on the ground. The monster ran after her mighty speed so she hurled the pole at the monster making a break for it! Ashley reached the top off the steps, but the door was gone! She slowly turned back towards the monster and saw its limbs had twisted in ways it shouldn’t be. Suddenly it twitched and zoomed at Ashley lunging at her! Then everything went black.

“Ashley come down for breakfast!” Andres called walking into his sister’s room.

He went into her closet, half expecting her to be in it trying to scare him, but she wasn’t. He heard strange noises coming from a door at the back of her closet and Andres moved towards it. When he touched the door knob the noises stopped.


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