Teachers are good at hiding their emotions. In a sense, they have to. To a degree, they have to be impartial to every student and emotions would get on the way. Although , they are human and sometimes the real feelings breakthrough. But, not this time. The teacher started the class as on any other day. A little eye contact, but not too much, a few interactive questions to keep class awake. The topic of the day - communication. "Sender," "receiver," two-way communication, the usual terms, all from the book.

Polvo de Curry

Polvo de Curry
Qué es lo que sabemos de el polvo de curry? La gente empezó a usar este condimento en el Sur de Asia. Las cocinas de los cocineros se llenan de olores sabrosos y aromáticos y sus platillos tienen sabores deliciosos. Muchas de sus comidas tienen este polvo popular que es el curry...pero que es? Que beneficios tiene para nosotros? Miro este ingrediente mas seguido en las tiendas y restaurantes. Los cocineros han adoptado este ingrediente en sus recetas más seguido.

Curry Powder

Curry Powder
What do we know about Curry powder? People started using this powder in South Asia. Chef”s kitchens are full of these wonderful aromatic smells and their foods have these wonderful flavors. Many of their foods consist with this ingredient: CURRY POWDER...what is it? What benefits does it give us? I see it more often in grocery stores and in restaurants, chefs have adopted this spice to their recipes.

Programs and scripts

One does not have to be a writer to use a keyboard. Most people are not grammar teachers, but they learn grammar and punctuation rules. Most people are not mathematicians, but it serves them well to know how to work with percentages.


Studying for Algebra I test


Casi todos los niños tienen una crisis cuando son pequeñitos en año preescolar. Aqui tengo unos consejos que me hayudaron a aliviar este problema.


Almost every child has a meltdown when they are in preschool age. Here are some tips to ease the situation.
*Let’s say that you are at the market or clothing store, your child sees a toy, candy, or cookie. He asks for it and you say not today sweetie…many children will create a scene. We as parents often times feel embarrassed. Their behavior is so different that you cannot understand how your beautiful child changed so drastically in a matter of minutes. Suddenly, all eyes are on you, your angel will start screaming, kicking, maybe biting, or hitting. How can that sweet, sweet child turn into this angry little person? When their meltdown is in full swing, is almost impossible to get their attention and reason with them… You end up often times running out of the store with your child because at this point you cannot finish your shopping…
Here are some tips that helped me:
*Use calm voice, this way you can explain to your child and help. Remember if you and your child are stress, things can get more frustrating for both.
*Let your child know that they need to calm down. Get their attention in a positive way.
* Give them a few minutes after you acknowledge them, wait and see what happens.
*If they are still overwhelmed, give them a few more minutes.
*Let him explain why he is acting this way once he is calm. Hear what he has to say and let him make small decisions. This way he feels that he has responsibility of his actions and your trust. Remember he is a person too.
*Remember, we are only human, everyone feels frustrated at one point or another.
*I usually tell my kids ahead of time what we are doing for the day or where we are going. Is important to let them know the rules they need to follow. This way, they know what’s going on and they know what to expect. I started explaining to them since they were very small.
Good luck, but remember: their tantrums are a normal part of life at this age. The important thing for us as parents is to remember that even the little things you do to teach your child how to behave helps. Eventually they will get the point. Constant patience is necessary to reach a positive behavior.

Scientific peer review - time for a disruptor?

Is it time to change current scientific peer review process?

Modos de Mantener La Piel Hermosa y Joven

Consumir mucha azucar no es bueno para tu piel, si ahi mucha azucar en tu corriente de sangre, radicales tienden formarse. Estos radicales inducen arrugas. Trata esto: Trata de comer mas fibra en el desayuno. Trata de poner mas fiebra y menos cosas con azucar en tus comidas diarias.
*Celulas de la Piel


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